Monday, April 15, 2013

Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show 2013

Sunday morning we attended the Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show. I was so glad we were able to make it on the last day. My son had so much fun last year I knew this year he would be delighted to go. We were watching Good Day Sacramento on tv with a morning cup of coffee and saw the preview of the Dog Show. My son was so happy and asked to go so we jumped in the car and drove down to Sacramento.

I am happy we went! My son adores dogs, he always asks people at parks if he can pet their dog. He gets the biggest smile on his face. Since we moved and had to find a new home for our dog ( you can red the story about that here) my son has asked about our dog a lot, he still calls her his dog and when he sees a black lab he yells her name. It breaks my heart! I knew he would love to see all the dogs at the show.

He was so excited for all the different dog breeds. He asked what kind they were and what their names were. He got many dog kisses lol which for him was awesome! He got to shake some paws, give a few high fives and petted so many dogs he could not stop smiling.

Last year his favorite dog was a Great Dane named Patrick. This year we met the sweetest, mellow dog I have ever met, Anya. She is an Anatolian dog that originates from Turkey. Anya's owners were just as sweet as she is! They let my son pet her, shake her hand, look in her mouth at all her teeth, mess with her paws, touch her tail and the dog even laid down to get belly rubs! My son did not want to leave the dog. The owners live and breed the dogs on Rare Breed Ranch in Northern CA. It was nice to meet breeders that were from Cali.

Anya the Anatolian dog. She is so mellow!! 

Another Dog from the Rare Breed Ranch, Boris 

He did a few crying fits since after all he is 3 1/2, he wanted to get in the ring with the dogs. He put his little hands on the gate to watch as close as he could without getting in there and a volunteer came over and told him dont touch the fencing and gave me a look. He loves dogs he cant help it! :)

My son took this picture. He wanted to pet them then take a pic lol

He cried again when he could not pet EVERY dog he saw. The poor kid would have stayed all day petting dogs if I let him. We were there a few hours and when we left he asked me pretty please can we go back. I am glad he had so much fun. I am hoping by next year he will have his own dog to go home to.

Taking more pictures of the dogs in the ring that he could not pet

* We were guests of the Sacramento Dog Show and received tickets to enter. This is a non paid post.

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