Friday, April 19, 2013

Digging for a Garden

Hitachi Mini Excavators

Spring is starting to show signs of life around here in the great Northwest, flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming and garden growing is in full bloom. I want to plant a garden this year, one that gives us plenty of fresh veggies and the satisfaction of watching it take on a life of it's own.

Every year I say that I want to grow a vegetable garden but every year it I get overwhelmed with all of the planning, ideas and execution. Our house is built into a hill, the front yard is set back into the property, with a deck that wraps around the side. So a garden in the front yard is not an option. I go back and forth with the idea of a garden in the backyard. It is ready made in a sense but the kids play out there a lot during the spring and summer and I don't want to have to worry about them digging it up. Constant monitoring of the garden is not my idea of fun, I want the kids to help me tend to the garden but under my supervision.

When my husband and I talk about where to put a garden in there is one side of our house that would work out great and comes up frequently. It is off the deck where the kids can only go over to when supervised, it has the most sun during the day and it feels like an unused area just waiting for a purpose. The only issue is there is a tree that needs to be uprooted and a lot of blackberry bushes need to be taken out. It is a big job and not something that can be done by hand. The space is tight so we would need something like a mini digger to get in there and clean it out. It would be great to be able to uproot the tree, remove those prickly bushes and move the dirt around quickly and efficiently.

We are still in the process of planning our garden area, with signs of spring popping up more and more everyday we really need to nail down a plan and fast!

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