Wednesday, March 6, 2013

While waiting for the Spring flowers

Spring is in full swing at our house and it feels like we are finally getting out of the winter blues, well trying to at least. Here in Washington the winter months are long and Spring takes a while to get here even when it officially starts. We have been cooped up in the house for what feels like forever, I have been trying to keep the boys busy.

We color, play hide and seek, build forts, watch movies and enjoy playing the Wii and all of the Wii games we can get our hands on. The boys love the fact that they can get up and "Just Dance" and I love the idea that they are not sitting around playing video games. The Wii is interactive and it gets them up and moving. By the end of their play time they are a bit wiped out and ready to slow it down. I love the energy burner that the it can be for them and balanced with other activities it can really keep them busy on these cold and wet days. I also like that sometimes I can get a few things done while they get in a game or two, and we all know that time doesn't come often!

Not only do the boys like to play it together but we often have a family fun night of bowling and tennis. It is not just for kids and now that the Wii U is out it is looking more and more enticing for our family. It has a touch screen controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics, all things that make my husband say "we need that".

Although Spring is right around the corner and we are dying to get outside more often it is great to have ways to keep ourselves busy. I am always looking for fun and interactive things to do with my bunch, they are busy boys with lots of energy to burn.

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