Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's To-Do List

I love Friday's.
It is an end to an almost always crazy week around here.
The thought of all of the adventures we may or may not take over the weekend gives me a charge! 

I also love To-Do lists. 
The idea of checking something off of my list gives me a sense of accomplishment. 
Something I used to get when I finished a project when I was in the "working world".
Now a days I am lucky if I can finish a load of laundy! 

So here is my To-Do list for the first day of March. 
I may or maynot get them all done, but there they are.
And they are written on my newest purchase from Michael's, it's a thick pad of paper with mulitiple To-Do list sheets and for only $3! SCORE!

Happy Friday Everyone and Have a Great Weekend!!


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