Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thrifting on a rainy Tuesday

Today it has been raining all day. The two little ones and I were feeling cooped up this morning so my Mom and I loaded up the kids and headed to our local Goodwill for some Thrifting. Sometimes the thrift store can be hit or miss, but today must have been our luck day because we scored some good stuff at a great price! Here are a few of our finds:

The San Fransisco 49er's are my husbands "TEAM" and we are going to be celebrating the Superbowl in a big way! We both love football and the Superbowl and what could be more fun than having your team in the big game? I have been scoping out the stores and thrift stores looking for fun ways to decorate on a dime. Today we hit up the Goodwill and found these great Football glasses, and for only 69 cents a piece they were a steal!! Just imagine them full of root beer with a fun straw!! Can't wait :)

Another great find today were these sweet little shoes for Miss Ashley from Old Navy and for only 99 cents you can't go wrong! Could you die over those red and white bows on the back?!

And lastly I am always scoping out the game section. You have to be picky in that department, making sure it is new or still has all of the pieces. It is far and few between that I actually purchase a game but there are sometimes some good ones for kids. Zingo was only $1.99 and has all of the pieces, I am pretty sure that both of the boys can play this one. It says ages 4-8 but Liam is pretty good at matching pictures so I am sure we will all be playing this as a family tonight.


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