Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Heart of Strangers: Saving Our Dog

This last year has been filled with rough times and other times filled with joy. One of the rough parts was finding out the home we had been renting for over 3 years was going into foreclosure and we had 30 days to move. After the shock, tears and anger of why someone we knew as a friend would let this happen that our rent was not going to where it should have been, the bank! (That is another story in it self lol)

We went into survival mode of where are we going to move to and can we find a spot in such short notice that would fit our needs, including our loving dog Dakota. She is a big black lab and many places we found had weight limit restrictions. As the time grew closer to the day we had to leave we started to panic. We found no rentals that would allow us to have a pet of her size. We started to post ads about our dog needing a home and why with no responses. It was about 5 days until we had to move and we cringed to think that our sweet loyal would not hurt a fly dog would have to go to the shelter. All the thoughts of her being in a cage, wondering where her family went, wondering why she was not home. The tears and sadness of wondering what would happen to our dog that was our first baby (she is 7 and our son is 3) was overwhelming on top of where on earth were myself, my husband and son going to live.

Our ads online got even more desperate in our plea for a good home to adopt our sweet dog. I did not want to look back at her many years of photos with sadness and have to explain one day to my son that the sweet pup in all the photos since the day he was born was a dog that was sent to the pound. I wanted to look at those pictures with joy of the fun times we spent with the dog and how much my son loves her and calls her his Kosha and says he loves her.

A few days before Thanksgiving we had a few people interested in meeting her. Many texts, phone calls and pictures passed but nothing ever seemed the right fit for her. When we only had 3 days until moving day we finally had a family that contacted us that seemed perfect for her. I prayed our dog would find a good home, we had found a place to move to but we could not take the dog, it seemed so sadly unfair that we would go to a new home and enjoy the joys of Christmas and she would go to a shelter. Older dogs get over looked in those places, I was so scared for her.

I messaged back and forth to a woman about Dakota how sweet she is, how happy go lucky about life she is, she adores kids, wouldnt hurt a fly, she is papered, she is crate trained, bell trained and they started to fall in love with the idea of helping her too. This family was so generous to take Dakota, they did not really have room for her they have kids and many dogs already but did not see a lab like her go to the shelter. After meeting the woman's husband when he came to meet Dakota I knew this family would treat her right and help her find a loving home. I found out the husband grew up on a farm and hunted with his own Dad with labs. He adores them and his wife knew if he heard Dakota's story and met her that he would have to save her. His wife was right! He made arrangements to come pick Dakota up the next day, only 1 day before we had to pack the moving truck and go.

When he arrived to pick up Dakota we did not let our son see her and all her stuff get packed into his truck for her to leave. I knew my son at 3 years old would be devastated and would never understand why his best friend was leaving. A good friend stayed inside with him while my husband and I walked her out to the truck with all her cute collars, dog toys, favorite bones and her crate to say good bye. When we were telling her bye, we loved her and everything would be ok my voice choked up and tears ran down my cheeks. Dakota whimpered a bit, I am sure she was wondering what on earth was going on, we are all she has know for 7 years, we were her only family she had ever had. When she was ready to go the man put his hand out to shake mine and I pulled him in to hug him and thank him with all my heart. My husband hugged him and thanked him too. He was just a stranger who came into our lives when we needed someone to care enough to help.

This family wasn't rich, they had no room to spare but they had a loving heart and sometimes thats all it takes.

They have even kept us updated over the last month about her condition. She did have a skin irritation that they paid for her to have fixed, found out she has a begin tumor that might need an operation and found her a permanent home with a loving family they selected. They sent us a picture of Dakota in her new home, she looks happy, her tail is a blurr in the picture since she is wagging it so fast. I am over joyed that this family took her in and then found her a permanent home. There are so many sad stories about animals getting left on the side of the road and abused that a good story like this with a happy ending is worth sharing. :)

Now we can look back on all the pics of her in our lives and be happy knowing she found another family that loves her in her journey of her life as a dog. 



Rambles of a SAHM said...

Oh my goodness Laura. What a story. We need to catch up! So glad your dog is safe and happy and that your family found a place to stay!

karenmed409 said...

That is so sad, we have a black lab also, I am glad you found a good home for your pet.

Betty Roberts said...

Aaaw this brought tears to my eyes, I'm soo happy there are kind enough people in this world. What a great story!

L Howard said...

I loved sharing this happy story with you all. I love knowing that random people in the world can reach out and help each other! :)

Unknown said...

Oh how sad, so sorry to hear your sorry, makes me sad! I am glad you found a place for her! ~A

Anonymous said...

I had to wait for my eyes to stop tearing before I could write this. I adopted a 9 year old rescue dog who also had to leave the only home he'd ever known. Five years later he's as happy and secure as if I were his original guardian. But still I believe that although dogs adapt, they never forget. Like your Dakota, my Marcos is blessed to have had two loving homes.

L Howard said...

I loved hearing that you have a dog on his second home and he is happy. I know she will always remember us and we will always love her.

Julie Kieras said...

Oh no! I feel so sad for you - that is a LOT to handle! :(
Glad your doggy found a great second home - what a good ending. I hope you're well and settling in your new home too!!

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