Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Shoe Obsession Frugal Style

I have always loved shoes! Its the one thing that can snazzy up an outfit easily. Now that I have been working in the shoe industry it has furthered my obsession in a wild way! I am always looking at people shoes to see what they have on. I have even made a shoe must have list for the ones I need for my collection. 

Good shoes though can be expensive. As a frugal person I love to find a great deal on name brand shoes. I dont want Target or Walmart shoes, part of the fun is having the fancy ones! And when I get an awesome price, well it makes it even more fun to wear them. 

Over the last two months I have purchased several great pairs that I adore. The best has been the last two pairs I bought. Both super comfy and under $40 for the both of them!!

Sperry Top Sider in Hot Pink! LOVE these

Nauralizer Boots So comfy its crazy! 

Now I have hot pink shoes off my shoe must have list I am now looking for a few more, Leopard Print flats, red heels and cute rain boots.

Have you found any websites to buy name brand shoes for a low price? I am always on the look out for places to buy shoes. What trends do you think there will be for 2013? I was thinking I might need emerald green ballet flats!  


Sam said...

I love the PINK shoes! At first I was like whoa those are PINK but they grew on me and I love them :) Good for you and under $40 for both? YAHOO!!

L Howard said...

Now I just need to buy an outfit for such awesomely bold shoes lol

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