Sunday, January 20, 2013

Frugal Mall Shopping: 3 items Under $20

Since starting my job over 4 months ago I have needed many new outfits. I LOVE having this excuse to shop! I often buy items here and there to build up outfits when I find stuff on sale. Working at a mall makes it super easy to know when deals are happening. I often find myself shopping on my lunch break to find super deals! Yesterday I went to JC Penney to see what sort of clearance deals they had. I found many great items.

After trying on a bunch of stuff I decided to keep my budget at $20. If I can shop $20 at a time getting great deals I can build my wardrobe without too much damage to my paycheck. :)

Part of my New Years resolution has been to add color and lots of it to my wardrobe. I find myself wearing black, brown, grey and tan. Nice colors but I want fun colors!

 I found a pair of turquoise corduroy pants normally $40 for $5. What color top would you wear with these pants?

A light colored cowl neck sweater top for $8 normally $35. I have the cutest boots and leggings to wear with this top!

A fun patterned shirt that is light weight that would look great with a pair of dress pants I have only $4.

I even put a super cute pink skirt for $6 and emerald green top for $4 on hold for my next work day. I LOVE buying clothing when its on sale!

Do you know of any great mall deals going on right now??


Nana said...

Can I go shopping with you??? Wow, these are some great deals!! I definitely need to start looking more on the clearance racks.

Betty Roberts said...

Great deals! I love the pants! I think yellow goes great with turquoise or you can pair it with a black topI have the same goal of adding color to my wardrobe everything is black, grey, brown, or blue....I just bought a pair of red corduroy pants a couple weeks ago in my attempt :)

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