Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Baby Doll Bed Makeover

For Christmas this year I wanted to do a little bit of DIY mixed in with "new" things. I think that there can be beauty in used items if you look hard enough and have the time to fix it up.

Months back while scouring the shelves of the Goodwill I came across this baby bed. Now remember I have a just barely one year old daughter after having two boys so I am always on the hunt for girls stuff!! And all things PINK!!

When I saw it I knew it had to be mine hers. It had a few chips, discoloration and needed some TLC but for $4.99 I knew it would be perfect for her first baby doll bed. It is heavy wood (durable), low to the ground (she is only one) and the hearts on the sides put me over the top!

Here is the bed after I bought it, not so cute huh?

 See the $4.99 price tag! Also see the markings and chipped up paint?

Here is Ashley's sweet baby bed after I gave it some TLC, repainted it white, added some blankets and a bit of ribbon.

These pictures turned out kind of yellow, they were taken at night right before Santa came. (wink wink)


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