Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome Home Brands Review

                                            Welcome Home Brands
~ By Patricia ~

I just love baking, especially as the weather turns cold and I start to crave those warm baked goods. It is also fun to share your tasty treats with friends and family. Showing up to a friends house with a nice warm treat or having someone bring you something is always welcoming. I am always looking for a great baking dish or cupcake liners to take them in. But ever want to take them fresh out of the oven and not have to worry about getting your dish back? Seriously how many bakeware dishes have you left behind at a party?  There is a great and convenient way to bake and take your goodies with you and they even come in so many shapes, designs and colors and patterns! Welcome Home Brands carries Oven-Safe Paper Bakeware. I thought it sounded too good to be true, I had to try it to believe it.

Here is a little about Welcome Home Brands from their site about the Oven-Safe Paper Bakeware:

Welcome Home Brands Paper Bakeware replaces metal bakeware with style, offering a whole new way to bake, serve, store, and give in one unit. It’s oven safe to 400°F and freezer safe, so consumers can bake and freeze in the same paper pan. Because it cuts down on cleanup, it streamlines the baking process and makes home baking easier and more fun. Manufactured in partnership with Temma Shiki of Japan, a global leader in paper bakeware, the Welcome Home Brands collection includes a variety of shapes, styles, designs, including everyday and seasonal collections.

I made brownies for a shower I was going to attend with the Festive bakewear pattern. It was so great and so easy. I made my brownie mix, poured it right into the paper bakeware, cooked them (just be sure to watch them because the cooking time varies) and served them nice and hot to my friends. The pattern is fun and festive, they were a big hit and everyone loved how convenient they were. I had no idea these even existed, and now that I do I will be using them again!

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