Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guess Who is Turning 3!

I have to admit I have been dragging my feet on my little guy's bday party. Part of me just does not want him to be 3. Silly I know but he is still my baby and 3 seems so big boy. He talks so much now, has an opinion on everything, is super helpful (got lucky on that, he will pick up toys, even likes to help with the laundry and goes to get stuff) he is funny, sweet and a wild child. He is so full of energy and busy I am shocked he can go all day at that level. He has my big blue eyes, his dad's sense of humor and some quirks about him that I know he gets from other members of our family. I must say he does not like to be woken up and can be a beast if you dont let him wake up on his own (this makes me think of Sam LOL when we were kids she did not like to be woken up) a few times I have looked at my son and I see my Mom's (Patricia) face, I have taken a few pics that capture it and I love that. I love how our kids are a blend of all the people on both side of their family before them. They really are another branch on the family tree.

With my son turning 3, my nephew turning 6 (oh my time flies!) and my niece (Miss Ashley!) turning 1 in a month it has suddenly occurred to me that our kids are the next generation. Yes they are still our babies but they will be the men and women of the future and that is just awesome! I do my best each day to be the greatest Mom I can be and I know some days are rough and others glorious but everyone has days like that. I am blessed each day I wake up and get to be my little boy's Mom. We call him LW it makes me laugh since it reminds me of DW from the Arthur books. Do you know which character I am talking about?

I look forward to his birthday and knowing he is the reason I get to be a Mom and the reason I wake up each day with a smile.
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