Monday, October 22, 2012

Working Mama

~by Laura

I am sure some of you have noticed that I have not been blogging as much. This is because I am now a working Mom. After almost 3 years having the privilege of staying home with my son I am back in the work force. The first week was really tough, not just for my son but for me too. We both cried a lot. My heart was so broken the first day seeing my son screaming with tears rolling down his face yelling "No Mama No!" I tear up just thinking about it. I had to fight back tears as I went to work trying not to let my emotions get the best of me. I remind myself I was lucky to be home with him the first 3 years and to cherish every little moment there is when I am home.

I am not sure if I took it for granted being with him all day everyday but being away from him for 8 hours a day I count every minute until I can be back playing toys, making stuffed animals dance, painting pictures and reading him books. I swear he might have gotten taller in the few weeks I have been working. I have moments of panic where I think I am going to miss something or he will grow up in the blink of an eye and I will miss it. But I know in my heart the decision to work will enable me to make a better future for him.

In the last few weeks it has gone from tearful departures to us both being ok with a temporary separation. Yesterday when my son waved, smiled and told me "Bye Bye Mama". I blew him a kiss and knew that the day was going to be a much better one.


Betty Roberts said...

Aaw I went through the same thing a couple of years ago when I went back to work its tough leaving but as the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder, you really appreciate the time you do spend together that much more

Nana said...

You are doing a wonderful job of juggling everything, and this is a great opportunity for you. Hooray!!

Sam said...

You are a Rockstar sis! I have been in your shoes and it is soooo tough but it can also be so good. It is true, the time you do spend together is priceless.

Rambles of a SAHM said...


You are doing the right thing! Your son will know that he can count on you to provide for your family. I admire you for your hard work and friendship. Just know that one day it will pay off! XOXO

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