Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trying Random Products

While I was out at Walmart over the weekend looking for a cute little San Francisco 49ers outfit I decided I would try a few random products I saw. No coupons, no sales, just wanted to try something. I always read reviews about things and wanted to grab a few needed items but ones I have not tried myself.

The Colgate in CinnaMint is great! I like to use it after a meal since it has a cinnamon flavor to it and not too much mint or fluoride taste to it. I still use other toothpaste before bed but I definitely like this as an after a meal toothpaste.

The Tone Cocoa Butter soap was vastly different than my normal soap in the way it made bubbles and cleaned but I did like how soft it made my legs feel after I shaved them. I will not use it as an everyday soap but its great for a soft feeling shave!

The Degree Girl I liked the packaging lol. Its a pink cap and a chick dancing how fun is that right! I do like this for long work days but on days off I steer towards a more natural deodorant. I feel there can be a balance of types of deodorants used.

I like trying new products. If I do not try new things how will I find things that are better suited for me. I will buy the toothpaste again but I dont think I will purchase the deodorant or soap again.

Have you tried any random new brands that did or did not work out? Id love to hear about your experience.

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Sam said...

I tried the hair dye that is foam instead of the liquid kind I'm used to and I didn't like it at all. It felt like I didn't have as much coverage. Or maybe I had been using the other stuff for so long that it just felt weird! Either way, I went back to what I know and love.

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