Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today I cried like a baby...

JJ and I at Six Flags while on vacation this summer.

Every morning since school started this fall I have take my kindergartener to school. I get out of the car and walk him to his class, remind him to turn in his homework and we say our good byes (no kiss, he is too grown for that now don't you know). Yesterday morning we saw JJ's little school friend walking from the "drop off" spot right in front of the school to class. I asked JJ if he wanted to walk with his friend. He told me he wanted to walk with him and me to class. So we all walked to class together.

This morning we saw his friend again in the same spot. JJ was so excited to see him and squealed with excitement, he had made an official real friend cause they walked to class together yesterday. Five year old's are so funny! I asked him again today if he wanted to walk with his friend to class. And he told me YES. Ahhh!! I know I have been prompting him to ditch me and shouldn't be surprised when he wanted to, but still. He is my baby and him walking away with his friend, leaving me standing there was a huge step towards independence in my eyes. So we said our quick good bye's and he walked off with his new friend, the two of them side by side.

At that point as I watched him walking away he suddenly looked taller, older and down right cooler to me. And I ached for that baby boy of mine. I want to keep his little sweet and innocent self and store it in a bottle for safe keeping. Silly really, I know. I didn't even cry when I dropped him off the first day of school, but here I was crying like a baby on a random Thursday in the parking lot of the Elementary school that my baby is now attending. This growing up thing has been a little bit hard for me to swallow. But with every milestone I am seeing JJ grow into this sweet, independent, confident kid and it is awesome.


Rambles of a SAHM said...

So sweet!

Betty Roberts said...

Aaaw! I know the feeling my oldest is in kindergarden and I feel like my babies all grown up I bawled on his first day

Sam said...

Lol I will add you to list of those who bawled their eyes out on the first day ;)

Sam said...

:) thanks

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