Friday, October 5, 2012

The Double Stroller Debate

Miss Ashley "chillin" in the new double jogging stroller :)

I had mentioned earlier that I feel like I am still getting the hang of this Mother of 3 thing and the fact that I have a 5 year old, a 9 month old and a barely 2 year old. I am always feeling like I can't go many places by myself with all three of them, it is just hard. JJ, my 5 year old, can walk so no big deal. It is Liam the barely 2 year old and the 9 month old, Ashley I struggle with. Liam is at the age where he is exploring his boundaries. He wants to walk, then be carried, then cry cause he wants something, then cry to be picked up, then cry to be let down. All the while Ashley really is just going with the flow hoping I don't drop her (not really) while I try to juggle her and her rowdy brother in my arms. I never bought a double stroller because I though I would never use/need one. I thought surely I would never volunteer to take them all out alone (as if) and if I did it would be somewhere there were carts handy and I could pile them in, seat belts and all. Well the whole not having a double stroller cause I don't need one for my two children who were then both under 2 years of age was insane. I mean who do I think I am Angelina Jolie?

About two weeks ago I was starting to feel like I had lost my confidence in going out with my children. Out of the blue I started to feel like the walls were closing in on me and I needed to get out and about with the little ones. JJ just started Kindergarten this fall. So technically five days a week, I only have two kids most of the day. I started to feel like I needed to get back the "mommy confidence" I once had when I had only one or two children. The reality is there are three of them and if I ever want to go out with them on my own and have a sane nice time a double stroller needed to be in my near future. I also knew that I wanted to get a used one at a great price, maybe Craigslist? So I was checking double strollers for sale in my area and found a bunch. Now to decide what I wanted/needed out of it. I looked at the traditional front seat/backseat style and thought about how when Liam is in that style he can get bored and knows how to climb out. That style has a great purpose for some situations so I am not ruling it out completely. I continued to scroll and saw the double jogging strollers. Hmmm never thought about a jogging stroller really. I mean I am not a jogger (but secretly want to be) but I could take it up someday right? I liked the idea that my two little ones would be side by side talking, sharing a snack, talking about the all birds and flowers they were seeing. I thought about how they might not get bored and actually enjoy each other. Then I thought about how they might fight (oh and they will) over a toy or a snack or someones arm is touching "their side." I decided not to focus on the ladder and knew I now wanted a double jogging stroller. I decided I might take up jogging and if I did I would need a double jogging stroller for sure. I found this one for only $40!! There were others in the $80-150 range with some more bells and whistles but that was more than I was wanting/willing to spend. So as you do with all Craigslist transactions (or at least I hope you do) we met a public place. I gave her my $40 and she gave me my freedom back with a new used double stroller.

Despite Liam's face and him not wanting to smile for me, they really do like it in there together!! 

We have had it over a week now and I am just loving it and so are the kids! I have taken them to stores, the mall, the park and I even took them out walking in it (hey I have to work up to a jogging pace). I have to say that my "mommy confidence" is coming back and it is really feeling good. And it only cost me $40.


Betty Roberts said...

Oh I know the feeling I have a 5 4 and 2 yr. old so when I added a third one to the mix it was really hard to go out anywhere. I don't know what I would do without my double stroller

karenmed409 said...

Boy do you have your hands full! And a great deal on the stroller too, it sure does make a difference to be able to get out of the house and you know you won't get stressed out having to hold hands and carry diaper bag and a baby too. Have fun with the kiddos with their new ride.

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