Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Shopping and Thirfting is in store for us today!

~ By Sam ~

Today it is raining and windy here in Washington, what better way to spend the day than shopping and thrifting?! My Mom, Meg and Ashley and I are off to hit up any and all sales along with all of the local thrift shops. I am hoping to find some more Halloween decorations for outside, a great sweater of some sort, a costume for JJ and maybe more picture frames like the one above. I got that at a thrift store with the original Target sticker still on it for only $1.99! I love it because it is blue and brown, the colors in my living room. It holds a sweet picture of Liam, the hubby and I on our summer vacation we took this year. There are so many great things out there that are "second hand" or can be found while scouring the thrift stores. I hope we find some good scores we can share here tomorrow!

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