Friday, October 5, 2012

A Boy and his Dog

My son and his best pal "Kosha" are so sweet! They play ball, fetch, chase and even both listen to dog commands lol. It seems when my son is playing that he is a dog he actually listens! HA if this method would work in the grocery store I would be set. Our lab is the most gentle, tolerant and well behaved dog I have ever met. These two are inseparable and I think its awesome he has been able to grown up having a dog since the day he was born. Reminds me of Bobby and Ladybird from King of the Hill and oddly dog dancing might be in the future. Leave a comment if you know which episode I am talking about. lol



karenmed409 said...

Looks like our dog Shadow a English Black Lab, they make the best pets.. he lays down anywhere one of the kids is laying. Follows around to catch any crumbs that might fall.
Is that the episode where he purchase another dog that hates him, and Bobby dances with Connie's dog

L Howard said...

@Karen lol Yes that episode of the dog dancing makes me laugh! Bobby gets jealous of Hank dancing with the dog and buys another dog he ends up being mean and then dances with Connies. I loved that show! My son would so dance with the dog if he knew he could lol.

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