Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Kindergartener

Guess who started Kindergarten? This guy!! JJ has embarked on the wonderful world of Elementary School! He started Kindergarten this week and couldn't be more excited! He was so excited to use his new backpack, his new clothes and new shoes. Growing up the first day of school was a special day in our family. We got to wear all of the new stuff that had been hanging in our closets just waiting for the "special" first day. My sister and I would model our new clothes almost daily until the first day was upon us. Having two sons, things are a little different. They are not so much into the clothing part but the school supplies and backpack were all the rage!! Definitely looking forward to all of the fun this school year will hold! Elementary school is such an important milestone in his life, one that we are truly going to enjoy.  


Cathy said...

Good luck with your studies kiddo!

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Betty Roberts said...

My little guy started kindergarten on thursday too he was beyond excited and oddly enough yes about the clothes because I let him pick out most of them

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