Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Fun: Sacramento Gold Rush Days

 I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend. Its warm here in Northern Cali but that could not keep us away from the Sacramento Gold Rush Days. I have heard so much about this event I knew we needed to go this year.

This was the first time my family and I attended the Sacramento Gold Rush Days. I have to say it was really fun. Much more than I expected. I can see why it is a Labor Day tradition for many families. There was so much to do we did not get done everything we wanted to. We now have more to look forward to next year.

 We took a fun train ride along the American River. The train ride was bumpy and fun. My son loved the train whistle and watching the river as we passed by. We even saw cowboys doing a Wild West show.

I would recommend attending this event next year for Labor Day weekend if you are a Northern CA local or plan to be in the area. There were so many live action shows going on, hands on activities, great food, lots of stores to shop at, all the people were nice and it really did feel like we were back in the 1800s.


Heather Kelly said...

That's so great that you took your son to do that! My father used to take us when I was little. The orange striped train engine is called The Daylight!

L Howard said...

We loved it, we might make it our Labor Day tradition. Love the name of the train, so cool you went as a kid! I did not know you were a Nor Cal local. :)

Betty Roberts said...

How cool! My labor day weekend wasn't too eventful we went to see animatronic dinosaurs in nj and then all three of boys got sick that very same day and they're all sick still :(

L Howard said...

Poor guys! I hope they are all feeling better soon. Animatronic dinos sound cool though!

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