Monday, September 10, 2012

Its a Great September

Ok so I know we are early on carving pumpkins lol. Its been several years since we have grown our own pumpkins for Halloween but this year we decided it would be fun to grow for our son. Funny thing is I thought it would take a lot longer for it to get big enough to carve, looks like I planted too early!

My son wanted to draw on it and have me carve the pumpkin as soon as he saw it has turned bright orange on the vine. We are in the process of changing the garden around so I figured we would cut it off the vine and carve it.

My son would not touch the slimy pumpkin insides which I knew he would not, he likes to have clean hands. But he loved it when I put a light in the pumpkin and turned off all the other lights. This is going to be a super fun Halloween this year. I am eager to see how he will react to costumes and trick or treats this year.

Have you started planning for Halloween? 
Pinterest has me thinking I will do new stuff this year. I am excited for it!

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Betty Roberts said...

Aaw how cute, I've seen some great idea on pinterest for Halloween treats this year can't wait!

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