Monday, September 24, 2012

Frugal Shopping: Sears Clearance Rack

I cannot help that I am a bargain shopper, I see a deal and I have to buy stuff! I will buy something at full price if its something I want or need right then but often times I wait for a sale. For my birthday in July I got a really cute skirt from Sears. I told myself I should go back and see if they were on sale yet before all the summer clothing is gone. Living in Cali we can wear skirts and short sleeves even into November so now is the time to get a great deal.

I went to my local Sears and saw so much Clearance it was awesome! I told myself only $25 for this shopping trip, if I had not I am sure $50 or more would have been spent. I want to go back later in the week too in hopes things are still there that I wanted. I have been shopping for clothing I can wear to work and found cute skirt, shirt and dress pants for $23.66! I had my Sears/Kmart Rewards card so I was earning points and received an additional 15% off my purchase. Yippy!!

At regular price my total would have been $80 plus tax. Many of the Clearance items at Sears are 50% - 70% off. There were a ton of cute colorful skirts and shirts too.

What great end of Season Shopping Deals have you found recently??

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