Sunday, September 30, 2012

Clearance Items you can actually use ROCK!!!

While cruising around Walmart this weekend I came across some Clearance "Back to School" items. I know that the Back to School craze is over but there are still some really great folders and paper products out there at a great price.

I found these file folders and paper pads for 20 cents each!! That's right for less than a dollar I got all four items. What a score!! The file folders are a 3 pack so really I got 6 folders for 40 cents! With both the boys in school and my husband as well, I NEED to organize our schedules. I found that the inside of our pantry is the best place to keep the calendar and all of our other important papers.

Here is the inside of out pantry door and you can see how I already added my new apple folder and paper pad!! Everyone in the family is color-coded so that if they take a quick glance at the calendar they know if the event is for them or not :) Getting organized and keeping our schedules is an ongoing task for me and I am always looking for bright and colorful ways to help me get there. How about you? How do you keep you and your family organized?

~ By Sam ~

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Betty Roberts said...

I do the same exact thing but on the side of my fridge because its a great place for me to not forget and I also have a big dry erase calendar in my bedroom

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