Thursday, September 27, 2012

But wait. Am I even a dog person?

Meet Chewie!!!

~ By Sam ~

I have never thought of myself as a "dog person." We had dogs in and out of our lives growing up, they were never long term though. My Mom was so busy with 5 kids that adding a dog to the mix always seemed overwhelming to her and to our lives. I believe you are a dog person or your not. My husband's family had dogs when he was growing up that lived for 15+ years. They are dog people. I have questioned whether or not I am a dog person. I like dogs, I want my kids to have a dog growing up but with three small children a dog was not in our immediate future... Until now.

It kind of happened suddenly. My little brother (who's 25 years old) text me two weeks ago telling me that he was going to start working more and more hours at work and he was worried about his 5 month old puppy.

*Side Note* You see my brother is a bachelor living in an apartment in Seattle and got a Boston Terrier/Bulldog puppy. He was only working four hours a day and has a roommate that would help out with the pup when he was gone.

Ok, now back to the text I got. He tells me that he is going to have to figure out what to do with his puppy named Chewie. Can you say Star Wars nerd? Just kidding love you bro :) Anyways he is all upset that he will have to give him up and doesn't think it's fair for Chewie if he has to be gone all day. I feel bad for him and Chewie (who I had never even met yet) and tell him he will figure it out.

A few minutes later the next text I get is, "Do you want him?"

My thoughts: Ummmmm what? A dog? Here at my house with my crazy life? A puppy who has lived a nice quiet life in the city with two bachelors and no backyard, small children or 24/7 noise?

There is a bit of awkward silence (as much as there can be with a text) and suddenly there is a picture of sweet little Chewie. That sneaky brother of mine sent a picture!

My thoughts: Oh dear, he is cute. And the boys would really love him. And JJ was just talking about wanting a dog. And the poor guy would have to go to strangers if we didn't take him. And oh dear, he is cute. 

So I text him back that I will have to talk to the hubby.

My thoughts: Surely hubby will say no. We are already knee deep in kids and a puppy is just like adding another baby. Surely he will say no and I won't have to be the bad guy!

I thought wrong. The first question my hubby asks me is how big is he? Oh my he is not saying no! We are doomed. As the day goes on there are many texts between me, my little brother and the husband. And as you can see by the end of the day we had a dog. The next day we took the boys to my brothers apartment in Seattle to pick up their new dog. It was exciting and special. The boys were ecstatic and my little brother was happy he was going to stay in the family. My brother knew that we would love him and he could come and visit whenever he wanted. It has been almost two weeks now and things are going really well. He is just as sweet as can be, loves the boys and is even good with the baby. He is blending nicely into our family and we just love him. So maybe I am a dog person after all? Or maybe not, it may still be too early to tell (wink wink.)


L Howard said...

So funny he texted a pic of him, he was trying to win you over lol. Love that he is named Chewie we are Star Wars nerds a bit too :)
So glad the kids adore him hes a cute pup!

Betty Roberts said...

Aaw he's a cutie hubby had o Boston terrier that looked just like him, I'm a dog person but don't have any dogs right now. I have a cat (I'm not a cat person, but my kids love him so I deal with it)

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