Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Fall Favorite, Cozy Weekend Breakfasts

Our Favorite Brunches from Coast to Coast
Photo via Daily Candy
By Patricia

Are you a big breakfast eater? Are pancakes and bacon and waffles or eggs all a part of your daily morning routine?

I know that getting the kids and ourselves ready for the day can be so overwhelming, that even getting to eat a bowl of cold cereal can be a challenge. I remember the days of getting my own children ready for school and out the door, and trying to get something in their stomachs to start the day. It wasn't easy.

As fall approaches, I love the idea of a cozy weekend breakfast filled with all the classic favorites. Yummy pancakes dripping with butter and syrup can always make me weak in the knees. My father was never a man who cooked, like most men from his generation. But come fall, he would make us pancakes with grated apples and brown sugar in them every weekend.
I wish I had asked him how that pancake recipe came about, I'm sure there was a story there somewhere, but I never did. But I fondly remember those pancakes, and the site of him on a Saturday morning wearing my Mother's apron and making them for all of us.

A cozy weekend breakfast filled with family and good food nourishes not just our bodies, but our souls as well. Fall is the perfect time to start a tradition that you and your family will remember for years to come. Just the way I remember my Dad's apple pancakes.



Betty Roberts said...

Ooh goodness! I have a cold and haven't eaten anything but soup the past three days what a teaser. I have a hard time getting my little one to eat breakfast in the morning before school too but if it's pancakes he can't resist

FrugalFamilyTree said...

Hope you feel better soon Betty!! We can't resist pancakes either!!!

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