Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Remembrance: 11 Years Later

This year I have decided to share some stories from fellow bloggers with everyone. For me I will remember seeing all the happened on TV at a car dealership. We were getting the oil changed to have the car ready to drive to Lake Tahoe to get married later that week. The emotions of that day are still so fresh in the minds of all Americans. Hug the ones you love and honor the lives lost that day by living your life with kindness and love.

I thought it would be touching to see how different people experienced that horrible day. As Americans we all were affected and here are some stories of what happened that day for them.

911: Where were you 11 years ago? via @MsMissy62 http://buff.ly/PXFIAn #Honor911 #cbias

911: But Really, There Were 41 via @BigBinderBlog http://buff.ly/Nljhrp #Honor911 #cbias

911: In Memory Of Heros via @FoundtheMarbles http://buff.ly/NljD1s #Honor911 #cbias

911: We Must Never Forget via @alittlebiteof http://buff.ly/PXIoxO #Honor911 #cbias

911: What do you tell your children about September 11, 2001? via @lomargie http://buff.ly/NllV0m #Honor911 #cbias


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