Monday, August 20, 2012

Water Wings

My little guy has turned into a great little fish. He loves being in the pool. He refers to it as "My Pool". I put a life jacket outfit and water wings on him so he can float above the water better. For now its just the fun of learning to kick and paddle. His favorite is to splash me when I least expect it and to hold onto my shoulders while I swim, he calls me a Sea Horsey. I have loved swimming as far back as I can remember, not sure who taught me to swim I need to ask my Mom about that one.

I taught my little sister Meg to swim when I was a teenager and she was about 4 years old. ( I brag about this constantly lol)  It was an amazing thing to teach someone to swim and I look forward to next summer when my son is a bit older to show him more of the mechanics of swimming. Since we watched the Olympics and all the swimming events my son now loves the pool even more. He says "paddle paddle kick kick" "Olympics!" when he swims. SO cute! For now we will just float around and be joyful in him finally getting his water wings.


Nana said...

Oh that sweet little face of his!!! Happy to see him enjoying the water. You know, I think you taught yourself how to swim lol!! And yes, I do remember you teaching Meg!

L Howard said...

LOL Really I taught myself, how old was I? I feel like I just knew how cant recall being taught lol. I remind Meg all the summer I taught her to swim with pennies as a reward!

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