Thursday, August 2, 2012

Water Babes

I love the summers in Washington. Most of the time. Some years are better and warmer than others, this year has been pretty good. We can't really complain. Not really hot but we have had some really beautiful warm days. Recently we went to a local park that is set on the beach, what a great way to spend the afternoon. We took our buckets down to the beach to collect rocks and shells, I really had no intention of the boys actually get in the water. I thought for sure the water was too cold, even for kids. I guess I was wrong. In a matter of moments they were both knee deep in the water with their shirts off frolicking, playing and collecting creatures.

Liam toughing it out in the cold water!

Catching the baby crabs :)

JJ checking out his catch of the day!


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Betty Roberts said...

aaw how cute! my little ones are too scared to catch the crabs when we go to the beach

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