Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The need to be Organized

Cubbie from Pottery Barn

It seems every year around the beginning of August I am thinking about home organization. Not sure if its the long days of summer that give me plenty of sunlight to see my home in its frazzled state or if its always right after my birthday and I am full of ideas for change.

I have declared the first week of August in my house organize week! I will be sorting my stuff to keep, sell or donate. I want to get some labels and those clear shoe boxes to have the stuff I do need organized. My son and I were painting and I did not realize how much great stuff he has for art time that we dont use simply because I did not know it was there. 

I will start with my office, then the closet and finish in the kitchen. I have dreamy thoughts of perfect organization fueled by Pinterest but if I can just know where stuff is that will be great!

One blogger I am reading more of is Organize with Sandy. Click on her Organize Your Home tab for great tips. I found a great Organize Pinterest Board on her account with over 1200 pins to the board. I will be going through it as I clean and organize this week looking for ideas.

I would love this for my entry. Bench and Mirror from Crate&Barrel

I will be busy as a bee cleaning this week. 
If you have any organizing tips, especially for kids toys I would love to hear them.

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FrugalFamilyTree said...

I love that Pottery Barn cubbie!
I need to get more organized too. Oh dear, is this a family trait lol?

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