Friday, August 24, 2012

Thats Pinteresting.....

I will be doing this with my son today, its simple but the first pin I plan to do :)

I admit it I am a Pinterest addict. But I have been the type of person who keeps pictures from magazines, recipes, helpful tips and gift ideas from magazines and ads for years. This is the digital version right!

Oddly though no one ever looks at my folder full of torn out magazine pages. If they had what would they learn about my personality? I was just telling my Mom how I feel like her Pinterest wall is a peek inside her mind. Strange to think that yes but its like a reflection of her personality. Even when I look at boards of people I know from the blog world I am often surprised by some things I see they have pinned and others I feel as though we are twins lol.

So now I look at my boards and wonder what does it say about my personality?? Somewhat that I am unorganized lol I need to make more subcategories of things especially if I plan to do the things I pin for recipes, DIY or kids fun stuff. I am going to be trying to do a recipe and DIY or craft from my boards at least once a month.

Have you made any recipes, DIY or crafts you found from pinning? Id love to see it, and repin it lol.

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Betty Roberts said...

haha i do the same thing i have a folder of random magazine clippings i actually go through magazines a few times before i get rid of them to make sure i didnt miss anything. I've made a few things found on pinterest with great results

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