Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is Car Insurance the Same as Truck Insurance?

Call me silly but when we got our "new" used car I asked a question that made my insurance broker laugh. I simply said "Is Car insurance the same as Truck insurance?" A silly question yes, it did not come out right, I blame lack of sleep and not enough caffeine that day. But I did have an honest question. We had a SUV before switching to a more gas friendly car and I wanted to know if we needed different insurance. Did we need less insurance, like was my car less a risk than my SUV. Did I need more insurance since it was a newer car?

My broker did not seem to think my questions were as serious as I thought they were. He assured me things would be covered. That if I paid a bit more a month we would have the coverage we needed. This was put to the test when my car was dented in a parking lot. I came out of the store from shopping only a short period of time to see a dent in my back panel. No cars around, no note to say hey I'm sorry I hit your car, nothing but my dent and me. I was so sad! I was even sadder when I learned the super high price of my deductible for a small dent!

I now wish I would have looked around more to compare discount auto insurance rates online. If I had been able to compare things like coverage, liability and deductibles I would have know to pay just a bit more a month to not have such a high deductible. When our current contract runs out I will definitely be comparing companies and trying to get them to make me the best deal rather than sticking to what worked in the past.

So now I know Car, Truck or SUV the insurance matters and is not the same!

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