Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Georgie??

Baby Georgie is the nick name my son had for about an hour today. It was so cute when we took him to the mall play area. Two little girls a few years older than my son decided his name was Baby Georgie and that he was their new playmate. He smiled so big as they had him chase them all over the place. They would yell at him "Chase us Baby Georgie" he would get an almost embarrassed look on his face and take off chasing them.

Its interesting to watch my son interact with other kids. With boys is growling, swinging fists and yelling things about super heroes. With little girls they are more gentle, thankfully my son knows this. Last time we went he was punched in the face when he got too close to a girls face,  he looked over at me and cried. I was just glad he did not hit her back like he does with boys.

The little girls who nicked name him Baby Georgie were sweet to him, encouraging and helpful. Funny enough when we asked him if he had fun after we left, he said he was a Baby Horsie! LOL he thought they were calling him a horse, I did see him kind of skip hopping while they were running, he was trying to gallop like a horse. A Georgie or Horsie I am just glad he had fun.

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