Saturday, July 7, 2012

What does a Squirrel Say?

My son loves animals. All of them, even the ones that scare me such as snakes and lizards. He always asks me what does ......... say? Like a cow says moo, a sheep says baaa, a duck says quack, its always what do they say and not what noise do they make. Since obviously they must be talking to him right?!?

The little Dr. Dolittle I have can spot an animal anywhere even though he wont seem to see his book or juice right next to him since he tells me Mommy you get it. He makes me laugh on a daily basis! But what we cant seem to figure out is what does a Squirrel say?? This afternoon a spunky little squirrel was perched in our front tree making wild noises at us. A squeak and growl like sound that I have not heard before. I was a bit alarmed that we may have been in "his" territory. We were looking at the fruit on our front tree and I think its his daily snack. He got so loud I went back inside! Yes I know hes a tiny squirrel but I did not want to get leaped on for taking his fruit.

With all his bobbing and tail flipping I still could not pick one sound I could replicate to tell my son what a Squirrel says. 

Do you know what a Squirrel says? :)

I almost did not see the little squirrel in the tree until it started making noises. Can you see him?


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John Billiris said...

And how about the tail? I swear that they use their tail to talk as much they use their mouth! =)


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