Monday, July 23, 2012

Recipe Remake: Panda Express Orange Chicken

I am a big fan of Panda Express. Their entrees are great, the chow mein yummo! Of course the frugal woman I am I always use my coupon in the back for doing the survey. :)

I always see online the recipes for items to be able to recreate it at home and have wanted to see if it was possible. I have been trying to save even more money and sharpen my cooking skills so I attempted to remake the Panda Express Orange Chicken at home. I did some google searching and found a recipe at Panda Express Orange Chicken at

The directions seemed long, the list of ingredients too but I love this item and really wanted to see how close I could get to matching the texture and flavor of their Orange Chicken.

I gathered all the ingredients and had the computer close by to be able to read the long instructions.

Preparing the chicken

The scent of Orange filled the kitchen

 The final result was delicious! The chicken tender with a light crunch. Not exactly Panda Express but close! Next time I make this I think I will add more orange flavor and less crushed red pepper for more of a orange chicken flavor. I like spicy but I did not want it to over power the orange flavor. A few people on the site said they did an only cornstarch batter for the chicken and no flour making it a bit crunchier. I will try that next time too. For now all I need it a fortune cookie!

I had my orange chicken with jasmine rice. So good!


Angie B said...

yummy, looks good. Now you've made me hungry :-)

Betty Roberts said...

Wow this looks really good!

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