Friday, July 13, 2012

Keeping Art In Your Heart

As the mother of five grown children, you can imagine all of the artwork and art projects that have come through our lives. Knowing now how precious it all is, I wish I had kept every piece. I didn't realize at the time I would end up treasuring with all my heart the art that I did keep.

 Every Mom know how overwhelming all of the papers and craft projects and things their children create can be. It can take over not just the front of your refrigerator, but your whole house. It is easy to toss things out when you look at the sheer volume of what is brought home from school, camp, or classes. But the odd or funny looking thing that your child created, after many years, becomes beautiful.

We moved quite a few times in 35 years, so some of the artwork naturally just got discarded. But I remember once finding out that our garage had a leak in the roof that we didn't know about until I opened
many ruined and mildewed boxes. In those boxes were many saved treasures that had to sadly be thrown in the trash. But really the point here is to celebrate the art your children and grandchildren create. Keep it, display it, love it, because one day it will be more valuable than you can imagine.                                          

The photo above is of a piece of art made by one of my daughters when she was six. ( I think she would like to remain anonymous)  It's a crown made out of manilla envelopes.
I think it's gorgeous.

By Patricia

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