Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Harness Buddy, Safety Harness, Kid Backpack Leash

Whatever you want to call it I use one now. I was the lady at the state fair with the leash on my kid lol. Yes we got stares, smiles, "how cute" with a wave to my son and it sparked many conversations with other parents about safety harnesses. One family told us about a kid who was lost at the fair for a bit but thankfully found and how a harness or backpack like the one my son had on would have helped. Another couple mentioned they had one but their child would not wear it, she had her toddler in a backpack style carrier and looked exhausted. We both laughed when we said my kid is a runner. Funny how some kids will run out into anything to check it out and others will stand back and observe. We saw about 25 other families using one too.

My son is not a hand holder. You could promise and give him a toy store and candy store for hand holding and he would tell you no way! He is a runner as well, he is so fast it amazes me, hes good at soccer but its not good for crowded events like the fair and amusement parks.

He did not need it the whole time, when we went into sectioned areas like the Farm area we took it off of him.

It made it much easier for him to realize he needed to stay close by. He did not pull or strain like a dog on a leash lol he just kinda knew he could not take off. He would ask for "my monkey" when I took it off of him to eat or get his diaper changed. Until I can get him to understand he needs to stay close or hold my hand I will be the Mom with the kid on a leash, and I am ok with that!!


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