Sunday, July 15, 2012

The First Pony Ride & Roller Coaster Ride

We recently went to the CA State Fair and had a whole day of fun! This is my sons 3rd year going and this year was awesome. He was able to enjoy the fair more than the previous years. He had his picture taken with a celebrity (more on who it was in a later post), cool costume characters like Poppy the Bear, his first pony ride and first roller coaster ride. It was so cute to see him smile so big at each new experience.

 My son was thrilled to ride a pony. We asked him if he wanted to and he yelled Yes! He was smiling and revving up his horse as if trying to make it go faster. When the ride was over, he had a mini melt down about what he now talked about as "his" horse. He did not want to leave, he wanted back up the steps to the pony and was yelling "No no my horse!" He had tears welling up in his eyes but an offer to go look at pigs did convince him it was ok to leave "his" horse. He waved bye and blew a few kisses to the pony.

This was also his first all by himself roller coaster ride experience. I was a bit worried he might try to stand up while it was moving but I explained it to him about staying seated and to my surprise he listened. We recently went to Six Flags and together rode a few rides with his cousins and then with me so thankfully he was catching on to the stay seated idea. He was so cute riding in the coaster and he would wave to me as he rode by.

We had had a blast, his smiles and laughter were priceless memories. Hopefully we will be able to visit the fair again before it closes at the end of July.


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