Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nissan 2013 Test Drive and Marriage Proposal Video

We own a Nissan Altima and its the best car decision we have ever made. Its great on gas, super safe and looks really cool! I even got to pick the color I wanted, thanks hubby! We did months of research and test drives before selecting the Altima and I do recommend test driving one. They are fun to drive.

On May 12, Nissan picked 5 Facebook fans to be the first ones to test drive the new 2013 Altima, and created video of each unique experience to share with fans.

One of the chosen Facebook fans, Paul, told Nissan if he was picked
to test-drive the All-New 2013 Altima before anyone else he would propose to his girlfriend Jane at the test track. The video shows just how he did that. Nissan not only thought it was a great idea, they thought they would help him out.

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Unknown said...

Nissan New York are also excited to have a test-drive of Altima. I hope customers are as well.

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