Friday, June 15, 2012

Nana's 55th Birthday Bash Starts Today!

Happy Friday Everyone! Today is a special day for us since we are starting Nana Patricia aka our Mom's 55th Birthday Bash Celebration. Our Mom, Nana to the grandkids and Patricia to her friends will be turning 55. We wanted to throw her an online Birthday Bash. Turning 55 is an awesome milestone. Nana has been writing on the blog for over a year now and has become a big part of what Frugal Family Tree is, after all with out our wonderful Mom we would not be the Family Tree we are.

As her daughters Sam, Meg and I adore her and consider her one of our closest friends. She makes us all feel just as special as the other and she has 3 of us girls and 2 sons. We want to celebrate Nana's birthday with all of you as we share great gifts, fun party ideas and local Seattle must see places to visit. Our Mom loves yoga, clothing, shoes, watches, coffee, books, stationary, hand bags, baskets which are all awesome gifts that we plan to get her. Our Mom loves the city life. SF, NY, LA, and Seattle would be the place for her to live right in the heart of one of them and be absolutely happy. (its on the will do someday list!)

We also want to introduce her to fun experiences as well. Indulging in a spa day or a nice dinner can be a great way to create wonderful memories. Of course while looking fabulous at 55! We love our Mom so much and want to share with you ways to celebrate your loved ones too. Thank you for our sponsors for being a part of this wonderful celebration.

We hope you have fun with our giveaways to win some great gifts for the Summer Birthdays you are celebrating this year.


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Hansel said...

Maybe I'll make a family tree card along with a cake for my father's birthday. Isn't it a great idea?

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