Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Frugal Pizza

Sometimes when I have a bunch of  items left over in the fridge I like to turn it into something so nothing is wasted. I am frugal with food and feel terrible to waste it. Knowing other people dont have food in some places make me be grateful for mine. My husband even laughs at my fruit section in the freezer with odds and ends of fruits that were needing to be eaten right then or they would go bad. I freeze it for smoothies.

I had whole wheat bread, cheese and a few small containers in the fridge with extras I did not use in a recipe some spaghetti sauce,  red onion, green bell pepper and mushrooms. Perfect for making little bread pizza for lunch. I made my son's without the veggies and mine with the veggies. The trick is to slightly toast the bread before all the toppings are put on so the bread will be crisp and the cheese wont get burnt from having to cook to long. A perfect frugal lunch with left overs!

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