Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grow Your Own Fruit

 There is a fruit tree that makes yellow fruit each year that divides our property to the neighbors. I always thought it was their tree so I have not picked any fruit off of it. I did rescue a Mama bird and her eggs from it last June but thought the fruit was the neighbors. Turns out its our tree. This year I will try some of it. I have been wanting to buy some more fruit trees too.

We had a banana tree and an avocado tree that I accidentally destroyed with too much care. I know better now and was just at Home Depot (LOVE that store!) and saw some great fruit trees and vines. The two I want the most is a grape vine and a blackberry bush. In our first home my husband and I ate grapes right from the vine on hot summer days with the neighbors and loved them. As a kid when we lived in WA we would pick them from the bushes at my brother's school and eat them. So good to eat fruit that fresh. I am hoping to get some more plants for Mother's Day and plan to get some fruit bearing ones. Cant wait! Over the weekend I planted Sugar Baby Watermelon vines and Bell Peppers. My garden is growing and I love it.

What have you planted so far this year?

Not ripe yet but soon they will be bright yellow. Not even sure what they are lol

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Betty Roberts said...

lol i hope they're good! i dont have a green thumb so i havent attempted to grow any fruit or vegetables

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