Thursday, May 10, 2012

Green Apple Love

 I used to be the only one in my family that would eat green apples. My husband would not even try it! I have loved green apples since I was a kid in Southern CA. We lived on a property that had a few green apple trees and the summer we lived there was green apple paradise! We ate as many as we could everyday. I loved picking them from the tree and taking a bite. We even put some in a bucket and bobbed for apples. Its not as fun as you might think if you accidentally breath through your nose while trying to get an apple lol

That is what started my LOVE of green apples. When I was pregnant with my son I ate a green apple everyday. I read its good for preventing allergies and asthma in kids, not sure where I read it but I thought heck an apple a day right lol Plus I thought what I eat might help influence his tastes later too.

Well I am happy to report my little guy loves green apples too. He makes faces when he eats them but tells me its mmmm good. I am so happy to finally have someone to eat green apples with. My husband feels the same about shellfish. I am allergic to it so he is hoping it will be something our son likes so he will have some to share his grilled shrimp with this summer.


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Betty Roberts said...

i love granny smith apples too :) we live all around apple orchids which is one thing i love that we can always go pick our own apples, the little ones love them too!, and they taste even better in apple crisp ;)

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