Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Favorite Things

I have been wearing Chanel for 35 years. It is absolutely one of my favorite things, and I don't know of any reason to change.

My mother was not a glamorous woman, or even one to keep up with the current fashions of her time. But on any special occasion, she would dab on her Chanel as the finishing touch to her outfit. So I suppose there are sentimental reasons why I use this perfume, and no other.

As a girl, my mother and I would go shopping in Downtown Los Angeles at the major department stores. At that time, there were no malls, and you got dressed up to go shopping and have lunch. One day there was the most beautiful woman in the perfume department of my mother's favorite store. There were women all around her, there seemed to be something important going on. I asked my mother who this woman was and she said "It's the Chanel Lady". Which only meant she was giving out tiny samples, but to my 7 year old eyes, she was the most glamorous woman I had ever seen.

Do you wear perfume? Do you change brands or stay with the same one?
I would love to know!


Betty Roberts said...

what a sweet story coco chanel was actually my favorite growing up my step dad always treated me a bottle on special occasions we where necessarily well off but he made sure that we got something to treat ourselves every once in a while, my favorite right now is a jennifer lopez fragrance named still it smells good!

Anonymous said...
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