Saturday, May 5, 2012

Duck Pond Fun

I have always loved Ducks. Not sure why kind of an odd thing for a kid to like. (My make believe teacher as a kid was Mrs. Duck lol) I would love to feed them and watch them. I find it soothing. Even as an adult I still love to go feed the ducks. Now that I am a Mom I have taken my son many times to go feed the ducks. The other day it was cloudy so I decided to take him to the Duck Pond. Once its summertime and over 100 degrees its not so fun to be out there so I am trying to go as many times as we can before that.

We have met all sorts of people at the duck pond. We meet nice older women who go around collecting old bread from local stores, other families just like ours who love to feed the ducks and bird watchers out to see some species. This time we had the pond all to ourselves. The minute we got out there the Geese, Ducks, Birds and Squirrels came running up to us. Well trained wild animals. We were having a blast feeding them and seeing all the little baby geese and ducks.

When I was about 4 years old I was goosed by a geese when I was trying to get away with my cookies at a lake. I did not want to share and that made this particular Goose very mad! Just this week my nephew asked my sister Sam about my Goose story and if I was afraid of them. I told her to tell him nope, I keep my eye on them but I am not scared. Thankfully the Geese stayed in the water but did get a little rowdy when we ran out of bread They got so loud my son was telling them all to Shhhhhh! The squirrels on the other hand oh my I was getting a little nervous of their bold behavior. They ran up within inches of us and snagged pieces of bread my son had dropped near him. They did not even flinch as I walked towards them to shoo them.

We had a wild and fun time outdoors enjoy nature and the fresh air. We are thankful to have the American River so close by filled with all kinds of animals. We have seen deer, beavers, turtles, owls, hawks and so many cool animals in this spot. Its something we enjoy year after year.

Do you have a favorite Outdoor Area that you take your kids to?


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Betty Roberts said...

when i was younger the house i grew up in was near a duck pond so i have very fond memories of it i spent alot of time with friends and family feeding the ducks and just hanging out near the pond. Now we dont have a place like that but we often go to the library nearby

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