Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY Compost

There is something so soothing to me about growing things. Planting, watering, harvesting, I love it! I always say my garden nurtures me more than I nurture it. Nothing taste better than food you have grown yourself. Its like home made cookies your Mom make, its made with love! This year we have planted new things like watermelons and jalapenos along with our regulars like tomatoes and basil. If you plant basil and tomatoes mixed in together oh my its good! The tomatoes take on the basil flavor a bit giving the flavor a boost.

This year we thought we wanted to try making some compost for our garden. I am always tossing eggs that expire, rinds and peels of produce and thought there must be a better thing to do with them. We decided to do a mini DIY Composting. For now its on a tiny scale just to see if it works but we plan to go bigger if we can make it work for us.

Here is what we did:

We took a box, lined it with a plastic bag added potting soil then eggs and shells

Next we added the rind from watermelon we had the night before (I am sure any fruit or veggie would work)

Then we added some grass

Then more potting soil. It was only $1 for a bag of  potting soil few weeks ago I stocked up

For a touch of beauty I added rose petals from the rose bushes that line our back yard

Layered more grass

A touch of Christmas spirit lol pine needles from our tree last year.  I chop it up and use it as bark in the yard and there was pine needles still in the bark pile.

Mint Leaves from the mint that has invaded a portion of my yard. Smells so good!

Another layer of potting soil

A bunch of decaying leaves, bugs worms and all

More dirt!
Add water to the mix, just regular hose water.

Cover with the plastic from the soil and rocks to hold it down. Leave in the sun to break down.

I hope it works! We will add more veggie peels and such to it and give it a stir here and there. I do need a real compost pile though. This is just my attempt at seeing if it works. Wish me and my decaying matter luck!

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Betty Roberts said...

i wish i had a green thumb, im not very good in the gardening area i dont really understand the purpose of compost

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