Friday, May 25, 2012

Dads and Baseball

Baseball is America's past time sport. So many people love the game. My family is one of those families that love baseball for many generations, all because of our Dads. For me it started around 5 years old playing baseball on a team with my sister and our Dad was the coach. The uniforms, the glove, the hat I loved it all. Most of all I loved that my sister and I had our Dad as the coach. Other kids listen to his coaching and thought he was so cool. It made be proud my Dad was the guy in charge. I remember those games fondly and think of it anytime I see a game. We went on to play on different teams for baseball for several years after some my Dad coached others he did not but the foundation of baseball skills I have were molded by my Dad. Both of my brothers played baseball too.

For my husband baseball is something he shares with his Dad too. My husband did not play on a team but he and his Dad would throw the ball around and watch games on TV. One time my husband even broke his finger catching a ball barehanded that his Dad threw to him. A trip to the ER he now laughs about but was glad his Dad was there to comfort him. When our son was born my Father in law gave our son his old baseball mitt and ball. It has seen many years of the love of the game. For his first birthday he gave him his own little mitt and bat / ball set.

My son at 9 months

Our son now has a love of the game and yells "baseball" anytime he sees a bat, ball, glove or a game. He holds his little hand together, pulls back and swings even making the sound effect as if he has hit the ball. He is too young to play just yet but as soon as he can play t-ball we will be cheering him on knowing there is a love for the game in all our family started by our Dads.

We are hoping to be able to take our son to his first Major League baseball game in San Francisco next baseball season. We even have our Giants hats ready for the game.


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Betty Roberts said...

how cute!!! we're a football family in our house....we're big fans of the other giants ;)

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