Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A boy and his Mama

Trying to get Liam to take a decent picture is tough sometimes. Like all (or should I say most) kids he has to be in the mood. If he is not in the mood, this is what I get!
Half opened eyes, pushing me away causing the picture to blur.

Pointing at something else he would rather be doing.
Looking away while I try to sneak a kiss.

Seriously I just wanted to snap a few quick pictures of a boy and his Mama. Is that too much to ask for?


Betty Roberts said...

haha that's what i usually get too thats why they are rarely pictures of me and my boys

Julie Kieras said...

haha this happens to me ALL THE TIME!! You should see the "Demon Child" photos I delete regularly! :) it's SOOO hard at this age!

Gladys Parker said...

My children do that to me all the time they're grown boys! That very first picture looks like he is a doll, for real I had to keep looking then seen the one below lol
Gladys P

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