Saturday, May 26, 2012

Books, Life, and Love

Books are my passion. Given a choice between new shoes, jewelry, or a new outfit, a great new book will win every time. I am not the kind of person who will snoop in someone else's medicine cabinet, but I will snoop through their bookshelves. And if they are a reader, much will be revealed.

You can tell a lot by the books a person reads. Where their interests lie, sometimes even what they are planning to do in the future. I remember years ago when I saw two books on divorce in my happily married (I thought) friend's bookcase. I was shocked, like I had stumbled onto a dirty little secret. Sure enough, a year later they were divorced.

A few books have made a tremendous difference in my life, too. And some I have just loved for the sake of reading. Twenty five years ago I read "Light Years" by James Salter. It was about a couple who had a beautiful life, and were utterly miserable with each other. At the time, I just couldn't understand that deep and despairing unhappiness in a marriage. But then of course, I did.

And then there is Harry Potter, whom I dearly love, even though I've never read a word in any of the books. My youngest son, like millions of other kids around the world, read every book, and waited anxiously for the next installment of Harry's magical story.

He grew up with Harry Potter, and the last book came out two days before he left for Army boot camp. Our local bookstore made an extraordinary effort to get us the book the moment it was released, so that he could read it. As you can see, that last book isn't here, and I never asked him where it went. I can only hope that at the time, reading that book took his mind off of what was to come.

I have kept these books in the hopes that my three little grandsons will want to read Harry Potter when they are old enough. I love how they already enjoy "reading" their own books.

To me, reading is a life long love that I am so happy is mine.


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