Monday, April 9, 2012

What to do with all the leftover Eggs?

A chocolate and candy covered smile for Easter was wonderful. My son had a blast for Easter this year. But he does not like to eat eggs. So now I need something to do with all the leftover eggs. Other than deviled eggs, does anyone have a good idea how to eat these, it might take a few days to get them all eaten.


Betty Roberts said...

lol well i have the same dilemma i was hoping by reading the title to this post you would have the answer

Gladys Parker said...

Sorry, I'm no help I dislike boiled eggs also. Maybe egg salad.

L Howard said...

lol yeah that would be helpful right :)

Maybe I will just do pepper and toast and call it a day lol

rj7777 said...

I saw the cutest deviled eggs somewhere today and they were made into little critters. They were deviled and cut slightly open with faces so cute. That might make him like them. Add them chopped to a ceasar salad or any salad. Make a potato salad. Rita Spratlen
I think I saw that on a blog and they downloaded it from Pinterest. Look up eggs on Pinterest.

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