Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Attended the Cal Expo Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show

I have always wanted to attend a dog show. As a kid I had many different breeds of dogs and loved everyone of them. My son now has inherited my love for animals and especially dogs. We watch the AKC Eukanuba National Dog Show in tv each year and we always say we need to attend one.

This year we were finally able to attend one. On Sunday we went to the Cal Expo Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show. As soon as we got there I knew this was going to be something my son would love. He was yelling "look dog" and pointing to every dog we saw. He had a huge smile on his face. We saw many breeds of dogs we knew of like weimaraner, collies and great danes. We even met a Great Dane named Patrick. He was only 18 months old but huge. My son loved this one and so did I. He would jump in his kennel really high in the air. He attracted a large crowd of people who were just as amazed by him as we were.

Patrick the Great Dane

We were able to see all the aspects of a dog show. We saw the grooming area where the dogs were styled and brushed. (we did sneeze a bit, there was a lot of hair) but it was so cool to see a furry dog shaved into a stylish cool one. There were many vendors there selling dog accessories, food & treats and even professional dog photography. My son wanted some of the stuffed toys he saw that were for dogs and asked to try a few dog food samples. Of course I did not let him try the food, but some of it was so pure and organic I am sure it would have been great! Eukanuba was there and we were able to get a sample to take home to our black lab. All the booths were friendly and informative. The breeders we so nice too. They answered all our questions about the dogs and let my son pet their pets.

I love Beagles. I had one as a kid.

This was another favorite dog of ours. The owners were so nice. We watched him get groomed and then be in the competition.
Even kids were showing there dogs. It was great to see people all ages there.

We stayed for a few hours at the dog show. We watching the individual breed competition and watched some obedience shows in a separate building. It was great to see how much fun my son was having. He was able to pet breeds of dogs he had never seen before. They were all primped and soft but the owners always allowed someone to pet them. Everyone was so nice. There was food vendors serving all sorts of items like kettle corn, sandwiches, pretzels, tacos and even Hot Dogs! That one made me laugh a bit.

The awards for the top winning dogs.

Outside the buildings we found the cutest little puppies! My son was so excited to be able to pet them and be licked by them. He was laughing and wanted to get in the kennel with them. He was able to pet them as we talked to the owner about the family friendliness of the breed. We had a blast at the Cal Expo Dog Show. You can learn more about the Sacramento Kennel Club and the Cal Expo Dog Show on twitter and facebook.

*I was not paid for this review. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others. I was provided free ticket for my family for admission from the PR/Company that represents them.


Twila Nelson said...

This was my life as a kid. Dogs and training everyday and dog shows almost every weekend. The dog show lifestyle is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your fun adventure.

There is nothing like waking up to that first bark of the day. Enjoy our beautiful weather.

Anonymous said...

What a great article. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of what we love so much about our dogs & this crazy, but wonderful, hobby. I'm so glad you and your son had a good time. There's a smaller local show in Roseville in October as well. Hope to see you there!

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