Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Son Calls Me Mom, What Happen to Mama?

My son's hair is getting longer and I know the summer heat will be here soon. He needs to get it cut again, I just find it so hard to cut those sweet little curls that grow. He is getting so big and says so much more everyday. He even called me Mom, I was a little taken back since I am Mama or Mommy. For him to call me Mom was weird. So grown up! He even picked out clothing he wanted at the store and told me no no to certain ones. There is a big boy living here now and I feel like he was just an infant a short time ago. Like all parent say but you dont believe it  until you have your own kids, they really do grow up so fast.

I just want him to go back to calling me Mama and wait until hes like 10 to call me Mom. lol


Betty Roberts said...

aaw they do grow up so fast! i love his curls!

Julie Kieras said...

oh I know! My son has "tried out" saying "mom" and "dad" instead of mommy/daddy... I always tease him and say "my name is Mommy!" and he laughs and goes back to calling me mommy... but I know one day he'll transition over. Sigh! :) (I, on the other hand STILL call my parents Mommy & Daddy... haha! I never broke that habit!! I guess I was spoiled!).

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